It has been proven by extensive scientific research that we are energy!  Atoms vibrating at a specific speed create the illusion of a physical body.  Actually, we are mostly just empty space. This space comprises 99.99% of our physical body with the rest being matter, atoms.

In an atom, the space between the nucleus and the electrons is vast. To put it into perspective, if the nucleus was the size of a basketball, the closest electron would be about a half mile away. Even though atoms are the basic building blocks of physical reality, when all the empty space is sucked out from the atom itself, each of us would be smaller than a grain of salt. This empty space is intelligent and organizing. Even an atom, when reduced to its smallest form, becomes a wave of light… energy.  These vibrating atoms and the empty space form our energy field or aura. Energy is what animates us, and creates who we are. Suffice it to say, this energy is conscious, and we can program it intentionally or unconsciously.

Everything occurs in our energy field first and then filters down into the physical body. We begin to download information into our subconscious mind from our environment, our parents etc. before we are even born.  This is to aid in our basic survival in the outside world.  This process continues throughout our childhood.   If this information is stressful, it creates traumatic experiences, which store in our energy field as negative patterns. Each time we get triggered from events that we recognize as familiar or frightening, we experience this trauma over and over again. Trauma stems from thoughts and emotions, we perceive as negative or life threatening, and creates chaos on an atomic level.  The energy field begins to build and hold energy blockages from these practiced negative patterns.  When ignored, they grow and disrupt the flow of energy naturally moving in and out, which will eventually create mental, emotional and physical issues resulting in disease.  It is similar to a car accident on the highway stopping the flow of traffic.  These blocks must be cleared to allow the energy to flow smoothly before healing can occur. Once energy flows, understanding follows. It is not until then that we can heal.

Remember, your field is intelligent and organizing. You hold the power to reorganize by creating a life that feels powerful. Energy Healing can and will clear the way. 
My Purpose is to align your energy field and clear it of any energetic debris that blocks your ability to grow and expand your consciousness.




04/11/2016 12:28pm

You have a good point here!I totally agree with what you have said!!Thanks for sharing your views...hope more people will read this article!!!


Interesting thought. This reminded me of a quote saying..."Everything is energy, your thought begins it, your emotion amplifies it, and your action increases the momentum". (Author unknown) What ever you do, you use your energy. It is up to you if you use it positively or negatively. Whatever the outcome, it is up to you to channel this energy.

05/27/2016 1:49am

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07/28/2016 11:24am

This story reminded me of how Reiki has dramatically improved my health and well-being.

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I knew that there had to be another way. I searched long and hard and finally came across some of the original teachings of Reiki.

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Hope it helps anyone reading this!

10/20/2016 12:26am

I need to organise my field so good! Perfectly! But now I have some other problems to solve!

11/18/2016 10:50pm

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So, energy healing really works? Wow, that sounds impressive to me.


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